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Higher Thought Magic - Energetic logic of the human consciousness - 15 years of practice in Russia and abroad!

You can learn to materialize your thoughts and wishes, to go out into Astral to the Astral Training Ground, to find your Other Half, your beloved man or woman either to correct his/her soul and thoughts!

There is a possibility to conduct a Magic Seance in real time of internet, a great number of author's books, Initiation to Shambhala, whom you were in previous lives and what to do in this life, it's main tasks, healing seances and many other things!




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Teaching Vseslav Solo - this is the real magic, practical magic, with his books on magic. The basis of learning magic in the magic school Vseslav Solo lay logic of subject and Bespremetnyh Islands, World Vision system, which develops 21 years and helps millions of people around the world, every day it is gaining more and more space undisputed primacy of knowledge in the practice of the sacraments First Cause.
Vseslav Solo - author of 18 books and novels, textbooks, which to date have been published more than 100 thousand copies, 40,000 of which are manufactured Vseslav solo with his own hands. This was appreciated by the readers and the people that develop in this direction. As it turns out that the books on magic Vseslav Solo offer the reader a wide range of esoteric magic skills, such as the magic of money, the outputs of the Higher Astral, the desire to control, telepathy, and many other provide accessible learning magic, but also books that Vseslav Solo made personally, behave in the embrace of the reader's aspiration, as if alive - they are invisible begin to affect the events in the life of the owner to serve as a kind of intuition in time arises, their practical magic is real.
And in fact, do not wait any great every time a glimmer of inspiration, and every time you want to have it handy on the shelf, in the form of practical magic power of books! Have you ever, in what world are you? Why are all bólshe say that thought is material that define the mood of thought, life situations and their outcomes? Have you ever reflected seriously on the expression: "What do you think and live?" But do you really live in a world of his mind, the magic all around you, the world of ideas and you can manage it all!
Today, all over the world in science conducted numerous experiments to explore the possibilities of human consciousness. The results show that the consciousness of human thought have the power to change the apparent physical reality.
A small example, which is already publicly demonstrated in the programs on Russian television:
A man weighing 70 kilograms planted in a chair set on the actual physical scales. Its head and other parts of the physical body, attached the necessary electrodes, sensors. He was beginning to instill into the brain through special signals the state of weightlessness. And people just sitting in a chair in the balance, it would seem, is just as if in outer space.
So, your mind, your thoughts have the power to change the apparent physical reality around you! But as a "force" the brain into thinking the way you want it, where to get those "electrodes", by which it will be possible to instill the necessary state of mind - thoughts and feelings, which the variables surrounding the validity of your will? To do this, and there is practical magic, magic school Vseslav Solo, learning magic is worked out for decades, primarily through the outputs of the Superior Astral!
That is, you can learn to practice magic, magic, received training in the school of magic Vseslav Solo, which has a technology development for the development of a special logic of consciousness and his emotions, which, in train a person, can change the spatial structure of thinking, as well as to shift its range of sensory , having all of the special control points. Due to this, fantastic changes everything: the person becomes able to influence the people around them, the events of his life, his body becomes reactive, that is increasing its response, the feelings are fresh and clear thinking. Changes and the physical body of man: a lightning slimming or weight gain upon request, the growth of muscles in the right places, changing growth, refreshment of sexuality, the increase in life expectancy - all this is possible if the right person is thinking. Just want to gain the ability to go to the Higher Astral, control desire, apply in your life the magic of money, it becomes clear magic, practical magic, miracles, telepathy part of their lives and becomes a daily occurrence.
Practical Magic will help everyone who wants and aspirations of a person to live according to "How to think and live," We need to understand how this statement is how the world works, and why one person can truly control the desires of his life, his space, and the other has to give and go with the flow, wherever it is life. Learn magic, magic school Vseslav Solo will help to reshape the difficulties into positive energy.
Magic everywhere, inside and around us ... In the world there is nothing that would have been no thoughts, but in the world there is nothing whatsoever in the material! The paradox? But it is only at first glance. The whole world is material and not material, but not both at the same time for each individual.
Схема 1.
Everything around you is within the visibility at each point in time, is subject Island. All that is on the object Island, is necessarily material. All that is beyond your sight when you're on the object Island at any one time, called the primary pointless Island.
Just think, in fact, everything that is located out of sight, will not be subject already appears, but only pointless, but having the opportunity to materialize. Absolutely everything that is Subject-pointless Islands, is thought forms (thoughts) are not tangible or material. All that is on the object Island may be in the space of abstract Islands and vice versa, but not both, not at the same time, but only at random, one by one for each person.
When you begin to scroll in the space of the object of the island, then the direction of travel, some non-objective thought-forms of the Ultimate Island will materialize - to move into a space object Islands, and other items subject Islands, back to the direction of your movement will be dematerializovyvatsya, that is, , to move into the space of abstract Primary Islands.
Wherever you are, wherever you are, you always Islander, you are always on the "palm" objective Islands. Subject Your Island, although it is within sight, but if you're in motion, then these limits are constantly shifting. When you move, Island Item necessarily in the direction of your movement takes place, and in a direction opposite the direction of your movement is minimized.
Now take another look at a map and find a secondary on it pointless Island. What is this island? Where is it located? What are its features and functions, membership?
To begin with, for example, think of a store, imagine this building and its function, social belonging. Now think carefully, and spatial pooschuschayte: as perceived by you, this store? The fact that it is necessarily present in your mind, even if it now is not in your Case Island, which means it is present as a double. Again, think about and feel: how it is "twice"?
In the first case of its presence in your mind is clear: you can even specify a hand around the direction in which you are located on the store. That is, you understand that it is in the logical space of your Primary aimless Islands, where, out of sight of the objective Islands, where you are now. But then how can we explain the presence of the second store, a claim that there is, moreover, the presence of both the first? Shop is in your mind in two places at once. How? Where the place of its second location?
If you take a close look at Diagram 1, you could not help but notice that the Subject Island is depicted in the form of a donut. It has the Limits of Visibility in both directions simultaneously, as if the internal and external. On the outer limits of visibility mentioned above. Then what is this about the limits of the internal substantive Islands, which is located in the space of abstract Islands Secondary? In Figure 1 the internal boundaries of the labeled surface of the human body. You can now mentally or concretely obschupat his physical body and understand what its surface is not only the internal organs, but also the invisible space of secondary non-objective Islands, that is, non-figurative objects of your perception of the outside world. I think you're beginning to understand the situation correctly.
It was there, in the secondary Nonobjective Island is located, as well as on the Primary Nonobjective Island, the second time and simultaneously with the first store, which you mentioned, that is, is double. You do not need much effort to feel it is the simultaneous presence of the store in two places. But that's not enough.
Since, the store at first glance - the same, do you have like two versions of memory, then the natural question arises: What is the difference between one store from another? Think about and try to answer myself. It's very simple.
Take another example. If you work in the firm and presiding over it, then any of your staff, as well as any relative of yours, and anyone and anything else of you know, has a dual presence in your consciousness. It is time to understand this duality.
Secondary pointless island, whatever it is, is there in your inner world is merely a reflection, likeness, and thus quite distorted copy of the surrounding reality and nothing more. "At the same river twice does not enter." Also, can not be copied from the external environment, double the same reality. Hence, you are constantly accumulating their own ideas about man, about the possibilities of occurrence of events and so on. So, let's talking to any man who is actually funny and loving you, your distorted copies of this man, who can be both negative and positive are able to, for example - the negative, close your eyes to the real goodness of the man to you, pointing to the fact that he is cunning, deceiving you and so on.
Where did they come from these negative distortion, if the person has ever done you wrong? Remember, the magic in and around us, the perception of the scheme can be transferred from one person to another in your inner world, but because you could, for example, buying products on the market and seeing the smile of the seller, to come home (to help Practical Magic), imagining that the seller was kind and honest, but trying to understand the products that they are corrupted, and make a negative conclusion, that the good-natured smile is deceptive.
Hence, studying books on magic Vseslav Solo, communicating with a person really loves you, you begin to generate a field of energy and other, negative, and people will automatically read it and immediately doubted his own kindness to you. He, like the computer, there is a search for justification for these doubts. And, of course, in most cases, these are excuses, and if not, then just becomes a bad man at heart. And when he fell ill on his sincerity to you, it is clear that, immediately or over time, this person will treat you negatively.
You have to understand that even if you do not believe in "some" of the field radiated by a single person, and perceived others (although this has proved the same physics-wife Kerlian), well, so be it. Then imagine: you and every person - this can not agree - there is a sense of memory and thinking a lot of cliches such as, for example, if the "eyes wide open" - this could be a sign of surprise or fear, depending on the here enclosed with smiles, poses the body gestures. And that means you, seeing the wide-open eyes, instantly combine in a certain behavior towards them, but if you really talking to a man who loves you, you are smiling sincerely, and you see him a liar, then naturally you want it or not, the position of your eyes, hands, feet, body movements, breathing emphasize your inner ignorance of this man. What will happen next, you already know from above. Even though it will seem that you keep the "good" eye, "good" facial expressions and posture, there are subconscious stamps that are sure to see something real, that they need. On this principle is based in part a lie detector (you can just flashing a wreath at the moment, and it will be a team man to perceive you, about which he may not even suspect).
Thus, the world is your Secondary aimless distortion effect on the island all the events of your life, including on such as a change in the physical reality in the sample with the weights in the article above. And, it turns out, all these can be managed. Just go through the learning of magic, a school of magic Vseslav Solo will help you! You are familiar with the basic explanation for the huge exercise Vseslav Solo, which contains a great number of laws: easily readable. Know that you are able to live the way you think! Practical Magic osvoyaema! The school of magic is! Learn magic for you! Do not worry if you seem something complicated. This complexity is deceptive. Carefully re-read and, perhaps, not once, analyze through your own soul is described, and you'll not only true understanding of the universe, but also the subsequent delight of his master.
The author Vseslav Solo




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